I was here.


Which way did I go?

Last night, I got added to some group (c

Alrighty! So that was fun!


Last night, I got added to some group (called Nothing Personal here. . .Just Humor) ostensibly about jokes (racist jokes? A-Ok, Muslim jokes? VERY Cool, Jokes about mentally disabled people? Apparently Just fine by them! Smutty jokes?! Go for it in a HUGE way. Jokes about Christians?! EVIL!!!@! OFFENSIVE!!!), so within a couple hours of me being in this group someone posted a Christian focused anti-President Obama bit (which obliquely referred to him dying), which I responded to by saying that what we need again is a president who can’t tie his own shoes. A couple more people responded with stuff about how evil Muslims are (literally saying that they all need to suffer, apparently for the crime of not being Christian) and how immigrants shouldn’t be allowed to come here and ultimately how we should nuke the Middle East.


So I set up an absurdem argument where I quietly switched Middle East to Midwest and went off about blowing up all the fundies over there in that evil land. Oddly enough, when it was Christians getting blown up, they all seemed to care about that, not so much about anyone else.


So what did they do about their raging hypocrisy? Address it? Of course not. They kicked me out. Gotta love hypocrites.


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New Year, New Computer

Turns out that I’m not much better about keeping up with a blog than I was those journaling assignments in English class; even so, here I am to give it another shot. New year and all that stuff.


So I bought this new computer, a Toshiba Portege, and I like it fairly well. Better really than I even thought I would. Over the last week or so I got nervous about the fact that with CES 2011 happening as I type (and damn, do I wish I was THERE!!), and a bunch of ultra-geeky cool new stuff is coming out. Not being in on the newest thing is frustrating. I live basically in the middle of nowhere, 1950’s -land, Virginia where the massive multiple hundred gallon gin stills run so deep in the woods, you can smell them for miles around.


So this new machine is much niftier than my previous computer. It’s about 3 1/2 pounds, but unlike my wife’s netbook, the screen and keyboard are large enough to write a lot on, and writing is my main activity with the computer.  The camera is ok, but I so rarely video chat that I wish I could have chosen not to have it at all. So far, I’m surprisingly happy with Windows 7, but then I also skipped right over Vista. So the only real disappointment for me was that I wasn’t getting a slate tablet that I could simply handwrite on, but so far those tablets don’t seem quite up to the challenges that I would put to them anyway. So I guess I’m still waiting for my perfect machine. This one will do in the meantime.

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Is this thing on?

I’ve never done a blog before, not sure what I’m going to say to people just yet to keep folks coming back. But what I do know is that I have stuff in my head that I am able to put together in strange and interesting ways. I’ve also been debating whether I want to stick with this pre-done thing or try to install the wordpress software on the usslynx.com site. I’m still going over that one, but in the meantime, I figured I really ought to start writing stuff down again.

It’s been more than a little while since I wrote an actual story. . . you know, fiction. I keep starting and stopping, that kind of thing. I write game material just fine, that kind of technical “tell people how to play” stuff just seems easier right now. But I’m not really looking for easy. If I was, I wouldn’t be a writer. Easy is for hacks.

Ultimately, I’m not sure yet . . .well about almost anything, but it’s time to move. All too often, I prefer the stillness. I need to move to stay alive. Now if only someone would tell me how to post this thing.




Nevermind, found it.

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